Motivation – How to stay on track with your fat loss story

Part of doing any fitness plan is struggle to stay focused on what you are doing.
Life can often just get in the way and you find yourself slipping into old habits.

Like for instance, I once made this pact that I would get up each morning and go for a run.

So I got my gear ready each evening and set my alarm…And I managed to go running for a week, each morning.

But then…one morning I just couldn’t be bothered! It just came over me like a wave…


Now it took me some time to figure out that this was perfectly natural. I was trying to force myself to take on a new habit…


And sadly that’s not how we work as humans.You have to do small steps that build into a new habit for it to work.

So the key then to stay motivated is to start small and keep a record of it. Keeping a record of it actually does this funny magic trick in your brain.

It makes you COMMIT more to your plan.

And it works as long as the fat loss plan uses small changes to start getting your diet and exercise regime more tuned to fat loss and keeping it off.

So that’s why you change what you eat in 10% steps.

And that you use the 5 & 5 when exercising.

You do these. Then repeat them a week or so later. Building on the last bit. And if it’s still hard to stay on track remember one thing:

Think about the great story you’ll tell to your friends about how easy it all was…and look how it turned out.

That “wow” factor…!
That’ll be you!

Now if you want to take the next steps and go for the full method…and start writing that fat loss story of yours…

Go watch the video here:

Your fat loss story starts here

And I’ll talk to you soon